At The London Road Clinic, we have osteopaths with additional skills, training and experience in  working with children (including babies and infants), their families, support networks and other health professionals to improve health and wellbeing.

Alex Earle Osteopath Treating Children

Osteopaths with a focus on paediatrics see children from birth to 18 years old. Within the clinic here in Bath, families ask us for information on the normal growth and development of children, assistance after a traumatic birth, all the way through to teenage sports injuries. Our osteopath has the capability of managing complex cases and recognising potential ‘red-flags’ within children and babies.

Alex Earle Osteopath Treating Children

As with all patients, we go through a case history discussion and perform a physical assessment before we explain any proposed treatment. We always need your informed consent before undertaking any treatment.

Depending on the problem that you are visiting us for and the age of the child, some of the things we may ask you about are pregnancy and birth details, developmental milestones, feeding and bowel function, play activities, social interaction and school. We will also leave plenty of time for your questions and to understand the expectations you may have from your visit to us.

The treatment for babies and young children is gentle and normally consists of rhythmic movement, massage and subtle articulation of the cranial bones. None of this is painful. We are happy to work alongside other healthcare professionals providing there is good communication and information sharing. Almost ALWAYS there is some homework given so that you can maintain and improve on the work done in the treatment sessions.

Alex Earle Osteopath Treating Children

Our children’s osteopath has undertaken specialist postgraduate training in the anatomy and physiology of babies and children, the assessment of developmental milestones and has worked with complex paediatric cases as part of a multidisciplinary team.

If you would like to have a chat to us before bringing your child to us then feel free to give us a ring on 01225 282336